This year’s art exhibition invites viewers to explore the ways different artists represent and express their experiences of gender and sexuality in moments of lack and absence. In a space where presence is fleeting, what can be created? Where voices are unheard, what can be whispered and what must be yelled? We were inspired by this collection’s power and bravery to speak in moments of disconnection.

This gallery leans into the creativity that a virtual space enables, and explores the artists’ unique perspectives in conversation with others. In this age, lack and absence are heightened on an institutional and individual level through a global pandemic. We hope this exhibition inspires viewers to connect through these moments of vulnerability and to imagine what can become.

2021 Curators: Elana Goff '22, Zo Norling '21, and Caroline Spence '22

Huge thank you to Jeremy McWilliams of Watzek Library for design and creation of this digital space.

Illustration by Sarah Farahat