Sarah Bourn

My name is Sarah Bourn. I am a transfer student to Lewis and Clark from Stockholm University. I am majoring in Sociology and Anthropology.

Caitlin Chow-Ise

Caitlin Chow-Ise is the creator of @thes3xtalk. She is a second-year SOAN/Gender Studies student and an aspiring sexuality professional. They aren't so interested in creating "traditional" forms of art, rather they are invested in zine-making, printmaking, and embroidery. Caitlin is passionate about words, hence this very wordy zine. She is honored to be in the sexuality space.

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Sheyla Dorantes

Clementine Gunter

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Ruthie Hall

Ruthie Hall is a senior Psychology major, graduating in Spring 2021, with a focus on childhood development. She also has interests in photography, gender expression/identification, and media depictions of gender. She finds critique of gender representations in the media important because of the powerful influence that representation of one's group can have.. Media representations can have a significant impact on self-esteem, especially to children and adolescents who are extremely malleable. It is important to recognize the impact that our words have on younger people, so that we can do our best to have a positive impact on children and others around us.

Quincee Lark

Quincee Lark is a senior psychology major exploring the confluence of mind, art and movement.

Leaves + Grass

My name is Haley, but, for several years now, I have signed by work with "Leaves + Grass" (Leaves and Grass). This originated from a little sculpture I made in high school. I've grown up around a family of professional artists and it was really my destiny to become one as well. I recently transferred to Lewis & Clark from San Diego State University, although I originally come from North Idaho (although I moved several times to California and back during my youth). I plan to graduate Spring of 2022 as Studio Art major with a concentration in drawing. From there I intend to go on to take on illustration as a career.

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Seth Moriarty

Leanne Robinson

I’m a second year student with a passion for cultural anthropology. In my studies I’ve focused on gendered dynamics and the way that our social norms inform so many of our lived experiences. Learning about marginalization and power has helped me process some of the pain I’ve experienced at the hands of the doctors. I’ve suffered from chronic pain for several years now and I have had to take power back from traditional medicine that failed me. I’ve learned a lot about my health and the body generally because I’ve had to become my own advocate in spaces that try to silence me. The process of healing is not linear and requires nuance, patience, and grace; all these elements are central to my artistic process and have shown me how to rebuild my sense of self. I felt especially compelled by Jjjerome Ellis and his keynote about stuttering and the radical potential of pausing and operating in your own timeline. By pursuing my healing on my own terms I have shown myself that the value in my story does not depend on pace or accomplishments.

Sophie Schwarzenbach

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Eva Szoboszlay

Eva Szoboszlay is a junior Studio Art and SOAN major exploring gender, ecology, and spirituality.

Grace Wenzel

Grace Wenzel (he/him/his) is a sophomore, music major, and visual artist. He is a nonbinary trans man. He likes classic movies and vintage art and fashion, and he aims to bust open the antiquated binary constrictions of those art mediums and give them a new life in the gay trans present.

Evan Yerian

Evan Yerian is a Studio Art major with a concentration in Photography. He will graduate in 2022. He currently struggles with understanding and expressing his gender identity because of masculine normativity and anxiety surrounding breaking from those norms.